Working with
Geekdom Fund

More than just Money

After investing in a team, we strive to be the most helpful investors on the cap table. This means we build close, lasting relationships with our teams. We’re there to help through the good times and the bad. We work hard but want to celebrate your success.


Our annual portfolio conference that brings founders from across the globe to spend several days working on their business.

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Constant Communication

We’re available for our startups to add value for them. We customize a plan for each startup and dedicate a partner to support
your efforts.

Validation and signalling

Downstream investors look for opportunities in our portfolio. Having Geekdom Fund associated with your startup helps.


With over 60 companies in our portfolio, startups join a network of founders that help each
other out.

What we Look For

Seed and Pre-Seed

We’re normally writing $50k-$500k checks into Pre-seed and Seed tech startups. We hope to support you in your A round, as well. We rarely do Series A investments for new companies.

Big Ideas

World-changing, huge ideas are in our wheelhouse. Can yours be a billion dollar business someday?

Driven Founders

Complete teams that are all-in and are in the top 0.01% in terms of resourcefulness. They get stuff done.


We’ve learned what you accomplish prior to receiving investment is a great indicator of what you can accomplish after we invest.

We Can Help

Our goal is to be the most helpful investor on your cap table. Some industries, like B2C or ecommerce, are great but we aren’t experts there. If you’re B2B and software, that’s our wheelhouse.

North America

We invest across in the USA and sometimes in Canada.


or Winner-take-most markets – Like Peter Thiel, we hate competition. We invest in huge markets where a handful of players will dominate due to network effects, economies of scale, etc.

Tech Innovation

Each of our investments is riding a huge societal or technological shift. Some are based on more than one.


Though we focus on B2B SaaS we are also very interested in backing teams working on big ideas that take longer to come to market but have huge potential such as Robotics, Exoskeletons, Autonomous Machines, Blockchain and others.

What our founders say

  • "They dig in to help create solutions to problems and they’re willing to get hands-on in the actual solutions."

    Andrew Trickett
    Andrew Trickett Co-founder, Merge VR
  • "Geekdom Fund has been a fantastic source of help, given each of the partners’ entrepreneurial and engineering backgrounds."

    Jade Huang
    Jade Huang CEO, StyleSage
  • "Working with the Geekdom Fund has been worth way more than just startup capital."

    Matt Wilbanks
    Matt Wilbanks CEO, HelpSocial

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